Bass Guitar

bass guitar
Bass Guitar
  Mornings: 9am to 1pm Evenings: 6pm to 9pm
Mornings: 9am to 1pm Evenings: 6pm to 9pm
Mornings:10am to 11am Evenings: 6pm to 7pm
Mornings:10am to 11am Evenings: 6pm to 7pm

Description of Program:

The bass guitar is a stringed instrument, which is similar in looks and feels to an electric guitar, but it comes with a longer neck and scale length having 4-6 strings or courses. Becoming a competent bass player is all about more than standing stock-still over the stage intimidating and looking vaguely. Bassists have been instrumental in dictating both the harmonic and rhythmic direction of the music. It helps in giving a new feel to the songs rather the focusing only on sound. Joining Bass Guitar classes in Chennai or any other cities have become the part of the game now. At Strings Music Academy, you get a wide range of music courses in OMR, Chennai and Perungudi, Joining the institute would help you find the best music classes for adults and kids with flexibility.

The music academy is known for creating a comprehensive resource to learn and master the bass guitar lessons seeking the help of the most experienced and skilled musicians. Most of our full-time bass guitar classes in Chennai, OMR and Perungudi cover all the key areas of technical skills that are linked with playing the bass. These include applied fingerboard, fingerboard, time, harmony and groove along with dead note finger funk, slap, soloing, walking bass and harmonics to name a few. At Strings Music Academy, you get unrivalled one on one tuition, the theory and harmony classes, and others. Besides, the students enrolled for the bass guitar courses in OMR and other locations, get the opportunity for group workshops, recording sessions, rhythm workshops offering them to broaden their exposure in music with live performances and even recording setups. You also get the chance to work with other musicians and vocalists.

The bass guitar courses in Chennai and other locations at Strings Music Academy aspires to take students over rewarding journey with the help of contemporary music education as they can develop their skill sets along with the confidence with their instrument. The years of experience of our faculty members play a vital role in giving away the students the skilful knowledge about the broad range of style in playing the rock, blues and Latin. The course offers proper focus over the need to perform and thus help the students to gain good exposure for delivering live and even playing as a part of any band.

Course Format

Every week in the bass guitar courses in Chennai, your instructor will post a new lesson. Generally, the students spend the allotted time (8 to 10 hours) per week to complete the lesson. However, the classes also give the students the flexibility to go as per the level and aptitude of the student. The lessons you have in your music courses in OMR or Chennai and other location will be full filled and interactive learning methods. Also, you can get projects assigned by the teachers to offer you some real-world learning experience.

So, what are you waiting for, we have music classes for kids and adults as well for bass guitar and other musical instruments, time to enrol for them.

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