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Music education for adults

26 Jun 19
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If you have a great list of musings of “you with a music Instrument” and always fancied owning one.. but doesn’t know where to start from.

If you are someone who has the urge to make music but never had any lessons as a
kid or quit before you got any good.

If you think you are mediocre at playing an instrument and wanna improve for the better.

If you are someone who tries to pick up new hobbies every now and then to make life more interesting and happening, then you are already thinking about your chances of being successful at trying to learn & playing an instrument.

If you are someone who is trying to revamp the eluded passion (on music).

If you are that person who bought a guitar out of adrenaline drive, awakened by a great piece of music but doesn’t know how to make music out of it.

We at Strings Music Academy have two words to say to all of you and for all the if’s. DON’T DESPAIR. You are never too old to learn music.
It’s true that most professional musicians started when they were young. But it’s also true what neuroscientists and music teachers say. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!

Neiman Weinberger, a neuroscientist says, “A lot of people believe that brain isn’t very plastic after puberty. In fact, the brain maintains it’s the ability to change”. “Is it as easy to learn something when you’re 65 as it is at 5? No. But can it be done? Yes”. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Firstly, you should come out of the presumption that it can’t be done without even getting your hands at something.

Adults! You have your own advantages. You can see and hear the things in music that completely escape children.

As an adult trying to learn music, you’ll have a deep and greater understanding and a good catch at everything you do.

Playing music is a great mental exercise and can keep brain cells alive. Learning music has a wide range of benefits that can change your life. It is a great stress-reliever, it enhances your cognitive function.

Of all the challenges you’d have to face as an adult trying to take music classes.. timing plays a significant role.

That’s why we at Strings Music Academy at Perungudi in OMR road, offer flexible class timings for your comfort and convenience. So that you can set a schedule but be flexible at the same time. practice as and when it’s convenient.
All you need to have is patience and be realistic. Leave your expectations at the gate. Identify what kind of music you like and choose your instrument carefully according to it.

As they commonly say, it takes 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” to become world-class in any field or to master any field.

Back to square one, learning music as an adult need not be difficult. It’s a fun and healthy pastime.

If you are trying to kill the perpetual boredom, that is your life. Or if you are waiting to find your “passion” in life.. forget it, there is no “Eureka” moment. Humans live a long life and we come across so many things every day. Life is filled with passions. You pick up one, but nobody knows if it’s going to last or how long it’s going to last. You have to constantly try new things in life and master the one that’s really caught your interest.

If you are ready to start learning new things.. why not music? And, if you are ready to start learning music, why not give “strings music academy” a shot?
We have courses for Guitar, Keyboard, Violin, Piano, Flute, Drums, Veena, Vocals and many more for all age groups with flexible class timings. Cause, your comfort comes first!

Guitar Classes for Kids in Chennai

06 Jun 18
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Guitar classes for kids

If you are an aware parent/ guardian, you may at some junctures you may feel that your child needs to learn to play a musical instrument like a guitar. A guitar is a good option and remains popular among the kids. Once you decide this, you can then choose from the options available either opting for one to one classes or group classes. You need to find out the guitar classes for kids found in your area along with checking the availability of the tutor and other details. This is important since the modern day kids have become busy all thanks to the growing pressure due to cut-throat competition finding time to travel for their guitar classes can become a daunting experience for them.

At times the housewives having the knack to play the guitar often take up classes during their spare time. So, if you find anyone close to your place, you can think of considering one and thus can gain individual attention. However, this option is more suitable for kids who are just learning to play a musical instrument without much interest or passion. If you find your child to be exceptionally talented and then finding a reputed institute is essential as it can help in shaping up the potential of your child in music and maybe help him or her in giving a right break in this field. Joining a good music institute will give your child an opportunity to be attended by highly experienced trainers. This can further also help in appearing for the training for trinity international exams and so on.

With this option, you need to be sure about the institute you are asking your child to join for your guitar classes. It is often recommended to make a visit to the music institute and check the format of learning – one to one classes or the group classes. Several institutes do not check the aptitude and level of the student before seeking admission. A professional institute will always make sure that they check the interest of the child and thus keep him or her motivated about learning guitar. Also, visiting the institute will help you understand the importance and commitment of the staff along with knowing whether the children are dealt by highly experienced trainers or not.

Teachers play an important role in making the child comfortable about learning music. He or she would take some time in understanding the child and making them confident about learning music. Once you admit your child in any institute make sure you attend the classes for a while with your child as your presence will boost the confidence of your kid and thus adjust quickly to a new environment. It is common to see your child losing interest in the early days, but your presence can help to gain the confidence and motivation to return to the track of learning to play the guitar. If you are keen on getting your child admitted to a competitive music institute for learning guitar, you can visit the site –

Guitar Classes for Adults in Chennai

06 Jun 18

Guitar classes for Adults

Age is no bar when it comes to learning a musical instrument like a guitar. For the adults who have been planning to pursue their longtime goal of playing this instrument for years but have failed to find it around. The individual classes for adults for guitar are the ultimate solution that will help you learn the skill sets. Guitar group classes for adults are often targeted for teaching the working professionals and people who are engaged in other activities about how to learn and play the guitar. Thus there are flexible class timings for working professionals when it comes to learning to play the guitar for such class of people. At times you can find the classes both during the weekends as well as during the weekdays too.

Now talking about the adults learning to play the guitar, they have an edge over the kids. They learn to play the guitar in a different way than kids. The adults are able to make their judgments, which are based on their previous experiences. They know to handle criticism, and they remain more patient than kids besides posing proper questions about their learning. On the other side, making adults learn in other formats similar to kids can be frustrating and disappointing for the adult learners. Hence reputed music institutes have appropriately designed special classes for adults that are run during different timings both during the weekends and weekdays. The adults can learn fast when they are with their peers thus giving them enough opportunities to achieve their set goals.

The conventional institutes include the night schools, weekend colleges and physical guitar studios as well. These places can offer you proper and regular guitar learning classes at the given time at the location convenient to reach. The tutors dealing with the special classes for adults are people with passion and knowledge and often self-employed in this field. An individual tutor or private instructor may not be often affiliated with branded institutes. Mostly, these are people who remain guitar instructors on a part-time basis to make some extra bucks for their living. There are several guitar instructors or tutors who are seen doing full-time jobs. The third option is to learn from correspondence courses, which are not often popular due to advent online learning methods. The correspondence courses rely on lessons delivered through videos in DVDs.

However, the distance learning modules are now converting into online learning schools. These courses are often challenging for the beginners as most of the people joining the group classes for adults have no background but just an interest to learn. The demerit of learning from any distance or even online institute is that there is no one to guide you or sort out your questions and clear your doubts. You barely find anyone correcting your wrong method of handling a guitar. You can pose a question, but it often takes longer to get the answer, which means most of the times your doubt remains then and there without giving complete guidance on your guitar learning. So the only option for you is to join Special classes for Adults at a reputed institute. Find one flexible class timings for working professionals and other adults at –

Bass Guitar Classes in Chennai

06 Jun 18
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Getting the Best Place to Learn Bass Guitar Scales and Bass Guitar Chords

A bass guitar is very much similar to any ordinary acoustic guitar having longer scale length rather than that of the usual acoustic guitar. The bass guitar music is more popular in the western world and can be heard in all the western musical forms including pop, rap, and jazz. These guitars are played with the help of plucking the strings using the thumb and fingers. If you plan to learn bass guitar, you need to be serious since it is not an easy deal to crack. Hence joining competitive bass guitar classes in Chennai or other place is important. The bass guitar is considered to be among the toughest string instruments and needless to say that these are fairly expensive when you compare with any ordinary guitar.  However, getting quality bass guitars are simple as big brand manufacture them and these are made available worldwide.

So buying these guitars are easy due to ease of availability, but learning is difficult; hence you need competitive Bass guitar classes in OMR. There you would get the proper lessons and extensive practice to master and get an edge on playing the bass guitar. Learning the bass guitar chords is the basic lesson when it comes to learning to play bass. The scales allow in offering musical rhythm. However, mastering the bass guitar scales and getting an edge over it is crucial for the learner if he or she has to give any solo performance. The knowledge of playing this guitar helps in boosting up your confidence level in the art of playing the guitar.

For anyone who is keen to do big in playing an outstanding bass guitar, it is important to know the basic chords as well as know the art of connecting the chords with the right scales. A scale helps anyone in keeping the right track of the tube of the music. It also notifies the ears of the player if you find anything going wrong and thus helping the player for bringing back the right control. Hence a good knowledge of bass guitar scales is significant to give a perfect form of music. Mastering bass guitar music though may be challenging but joining the best bass guitar glasses in Chennai can help you in getting an edge over the art of playing. Though there are several other methods of learning Rock & Roll for beginners and advanced levels like taking up lessons from the internet the traditional way of joining a good institute is the best option to learn and master the art of playing the bass guitar.

Joining good bass guitar classes like hard rock, blues or metal in Chennai or OMR can help you get the right lessons from the teacher or mentor and thus you practice hard to get an edge over your learning. Take time to find the best bass guitar classes in OMR or Chennai. If you are looking for a fitting place to learn bass guitar you can find one by visiting the site – levels, visit the site –


Acoustic Guitar Classes in Chennai

06 Jun 18
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Taking up the Acoustic guitar classes

Just before you think of taking up fulltime acoustic guitar lessons in Chennai, there are a couple of facts, which you need to check. One of the critical points to consider is the kind of music you will be interested in playing once you complete the acoustic guitar lessons. Once you decide upon the type of music and songs, which you like to, learn and explore, you are then likely to think about the subsequent stages found in the acoustic guitar classes. One of the simple methods to start for your acoustic guitar training is first to choose a song, which you genuinely like and is also interested in playing on the said musical instrument (guitar). With this you will be able to understand the music instrument more quickly; however, this could end up giving the entire encounter fulfilling.

At the same time, it will assure you that there is utterly no boredom floating, which will keep all your disappointment at bay. Once you chose any specific music which you intend to perform, you are required to take lessons on the fundamentals of the instrument. These include both the chord as well as the scale. The chords are in a sense a blend of the several musical notes while the scales can be called as the expansion of the guitar chords. Their applications are often mixed, though they tend to harmonise with one another as well. The guitar chords can be called as a useful element when it comes to seeking to sing along. These types of scales are of beneficial while you use the solo editions. Hence understanding the ideas and concepts of the scales is significant, which can allow you to get simple movement of your fingers.

It is vital anytime that you take good care of the scales, you do it while using the up and down movement and at the same time check out for the things you are keen on engaging in with the other hand on the strings. This movement helps in offering sufficient amount of energy to your fingers that are also called as the fretboard hand. The Fretboard hand is the hand, which is currently in use to play all the notes. The opposite hand is fundamentally made use of in two different ways – strumming and finger picking. Strumming is all about making use of the broad spectrum along with moving it all over the strings in one motion.

On the other side, fingering is choosing out every string and then playing them properly. When it is compared with strumming, fingering is a tough nut to crack. Numerous songs have been recorded using these types of methods, and many of the artists have excelled in this form of music. So on the face of it, playing acoustic guitar be challenging, however, joining competent Guitar classes for beginners and all levels can be the best solution towards gaining an edge of playing this instrument. If you are interested in joining the best Guitar classes in OMR, you can visit the site —



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