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Music education for adults

26 Jun 19
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If you have a great list of musings of “you with a music Instrument” and always fancied owning one.. but doesn’t know where to start from.

If you are someone who has the urge to make music but never had any lessons as a
kid or quit before you got any good.

If you think you are mediocre at playing an instrument and wanna improve for the better.

If you are someone who tries to pick up new hobbies every now and then to make life more interesting and happening, then you are already thinking about your chances of being successful at trying to learn & playing an instrument.

If you are someone who is trying to revamp the eluded passion (on music).

If you are that person who bought a guitar out of adrenaline drive, awakened by a great piece of music but doesn’t know how to make music out of it.

We at Strings Music Academy have two words to say to all of you and for all the if’s. DON’T DESPAIR. You are never too old to learn music.
It’s true that most professional musicians started when they were young. But it’s also true what neuroscientists and music teachers say. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!

Neiman Weinberger, a neuroscientist says, “A lot of people believe that brain isn’t very plastic after puberty. In fact, the brain maintains it’s the ability to change”. “Is it as easy to learn something when you’re 65 as it is at 5? No. But can it be done? Yes”. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Firstly, you should come out of the presumption that it can’t be done without even getting your hands at something.

Adults! You have your own advantages. You can see and hear the things in music that completely escape children.

As an adult trying to learn music, you’ll have a deep and greater understanding and a good catch at everything you do.

Playing music is a great mental exercise and can keep brain cells alive. Learning music has a wide range of benefits that can change your life. It is a great stress-reliever, it enhances your cognitive function.

Of all the challenges you’d have to face as an adult trying to take music classes.. timing plays a significant role.

That’s why we at Strings Music Academy at Perungudi in OMR road, offer flexible class timings for your comfort and convenience. So that you can set a schedule but be flexible at the same time. practice as and when it’s convenient.
All you need to have is patience and be realistic. Leave your expectations at the gate. Identify what kind of music you like and choose your instrument carefully according to it.

As they commonly say, it takes 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” to become world-class in any field or to master any field.

Back to square one, learning music as an adult need not be difficult. It’s a fun and healthy pastime.

If you are trying to kill the perpetual boredom, that is your life. Or if you are waiting to find your “passion” in life.. forget it, there is no “Eureka” moment. Humans live a long life and we come across so many things every day. Life is filled with passions. You pick up one, but nobody knows if it’s going to last or how long it’s going to last. You have to constantly try new things in life and master the one that’s really caught your interest.

If you are ready to start learning new things.. why not music? And, if you are ready to start learning music, why not give “strings music academy” a shot?
We have courses for Guitar, Keyboard, Violin, Piano, Flute, Drums, Veena, Vocals and many more for all age groups with flexible class timings. Cause, your comfort comes first!

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