Carnatic Vocals

carnatic vocals
Carnatic Vocals
Evenings: 8pm to 9pm
Evenings: 8pm to 9pm
Mornings: 12pm to 1pm Eveings 6pm to 7pm
Mornings: 12pm to 1pm Eveings 6pm to 7pm

Description of Programme

Carnatic music is regarded as one of the oldest forms of music in the world. Thanks to the emotion and the spirit of improvisation that defines this form of music one can even find it having the scientific approach with it as well. Carnatic Vocal music is called as the classical music of India particularly the Southern part of the country. Strings Music Academy offers the students the best and unique opportunity for the people aspiring to learn and master Carnatic Vocal music as per their convenience and flexibility. If you are looking for competent Carnatic Vocals classes in Chennai, OMR or Perungudi then you have come to the right place.

As you join our Music classes in OMR, Chennai or Perungudi, you would explore a wide range of voice exercises, improvisation, compositions and different styles of singing.  As we tend to learn to sing, you will be flourishing both musically and emotionally along with intellectually as the music coming from Strings Music Academy is the best food for the yearning souls. Strings Music Academy offers you a wide range of opportunities to explore both the fundamentals and advanced concepts of Carnatic music.  This will allow you to get versatile skills about this music and thus unveil before you the rich traditions and knowledge of the Carnatic music.

Strings Music Academy maintains a nurturing environment with competent teachers having the best exposure in this field. They nurture the talents by applauding the auditory beauty of your singing skills and emotions thus make you understand the meaning woven in them. The teaching comes exceptionally meticulous in our Music classes in OMR, Chennai and Perungudi which help the students to get them a thorough understanding of myriad colours of Carnatic music.   Also, students enrolled with us also get several opportunities to explore the various aspects of the music by being the part of cultural festivals, music competition, orchestras and carnivals that offer you a stage to perform and allow your talent to reach out to the audience and music stalwarts.

With these opportunities offered to the students enrolled in different music courses in OMR, Chennai and Perungudi. This helps in adding up immensely to their learning methods and thus enables them to learn and perform.  The holistic experience you get with Strings Music Academy will help you fall in love with the music you learn at the music classes in Chennai and other places. The institute has level certificates, which are offered to students at various junctures as they cross different levels, which remains instrumental in expediting boosting the confidence level of the students enrolled in our institute. We have Carnatic Vocals classes in Chennai and other locations both for the kids and adults. Thus we cater people of all the age groups thus running the music classes for kids and adults in different time slots that fit as per your availability and convenience. Therefore the working professionals do not have to struggle to find time while catching up on the classes. So when are you enrolling!

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