Classical Guitar

classical guitar
Classical Guitar
  Evenings: 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Evenings: 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Afternoon:2pm to 3pm
Afternoon:2pm to 3pm

Description of Program:

Classical Guitars are also referred as nylon string guitars at times by the music professionals. These musical instruments are traditionally used to carry out western classical music and are played by plucking the same using your fingers. The Classical Guitar is made up of a small size hollow wooden body, having five different nylon strings and is seen very much like a wider fret board when you compare it to any Acoustic Guitar. If you are among the novices, you are bound to feel the pain in your hand and fingers till you get used to it. However, with regular practice, you can get rid of such pains soon. When it comes to joining the classical guitar classes in Chennai, OMR or Perungudi, one institute that appears at the top include Strings Music Academy.

It offers a wide range of Music classes for adults and kids with the help of best teachers and instructors who are known for their knowledge, expertise and exposure. Here you get the best exposure and quality teaching with apt professionalism and perfection. You will be guided to learn and master the best so that you get the right shape in music. If you are looking to make a career in acoustic and modern forms of guitar, you would be guided not to opt for the classical guitar for obvious reasons. In this way, the instructors and teachers dealing with various classical guitar classes in Perungudi, OMR and Chennai help in dispelling multiple myths about different musical instruments and offer you the best knowledge about it.

Strings Music Academy has been known for promoting creativity in the music world; hence it ensures to organize some musical events and meets, which help the students find a proper platform to get the required amount of exposure in music. These events also attract media that gives the participants playing classical guitar and other instruments, a good exposure as well. This builds up their confidence level and allows a smooth transition from one level to the higher levels. Thus students who are keen on taking up any musical instrument including classical guitar as his or her musical instrument are being guided by the Strings Music Academy. We have the best teachers and music instructors involved in all our instrumental classes in OMR, Chennai or Perungudi.

We run classes in different categories and age groups along with different seasonal holidays as well. The music classes for kids are exclusively arranged under the crash, and short-term courses, which give a decent exposure to different instruments learnt and practised. You have all the reasons to join Classical Guitar classes in Perungudi, Chennai or OMR. Some of the competitive reasons are as under:

  • Affordable fees for competitive classical guitar and other instrument classes in different locations
  • Greater flexibility in timing and days making it suitable for people of all walks of life
  • Get excellent exposure in learning and mastering classical guitar and other instruments
  • Best teaching faculty and experts

You are just a call or mail away from joining our music classes for kids or adults in different locations. Call us for more information.

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