Evenings: 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Evenings: 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Afternoons: 1:30pm to 3:30pm
Afternoons: 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Description of Programme

Strings Music Academy Drum classes in Chennai, OMR and Perungudi are focused at creating a versatile performer. The objective of the drum course in OMR and other places is to learn different genres of music including Rock, Blues, Funk, etc., which enables the music lover to employ these skills both while session playing or on the stage. Our Music classes in Chennai and other locations give a fair understanding of the different styles along with helping the students in pursuing independent music and at the same time, also gain an understanding for commercial Bollywood and non-B Town music.

The drum courses in Chennai and other locations can be taken up by the students at different levels ranging from the very basic levels to the advanced ones thus progressing slowly from the start to advanced levels exploring the old and new techniques and concepts over the different distinct levels of learning. All our Instrumental classes in OMR have a competitive curriculum; we source faculty for our music classes from some of the most famous and trusted music schools having huge experience in beating drums with an edge both on their music and teaching skills. This has given Strings Music Academy an advantage in the music learning industry in South India.

Our music courses in Chennai and other locations like OMR and Perungudi are taught both during the weekday, and weekends during different time periods. These are therefore designed to be full-time or fit for the work or additional study commitments. We also run different workshops for various musical instruments to share the insights about the music industry to the aspiring musicians of our academy. We have designed different level lessons for drum classes in OMR and other places. So, depending upon your skill level and ambition you can join our music courses in OMR, Chennai and Perungudi. Besides, we have specially designed music classes for kids and adults apart from the seasonal summer crash courses for kids and adults.

Our drum course in Chennai and other locations are divided in the following levels:

Level 1 - This module focuses on teaching the basics of music theory. You will be taught the language of music, tone recognition, harmonies and rhythm along with exploring the ways to translate these into a written form. This module gives you an understanding of listening to the intervals and recognises the relationship between different notes. It gets a fair understanding of the context with respect to songs and music.

Level 2 - This module of our drum classes in OMR, Chennai and other places will be able to aurally identify all the triads along with using the extended chords. Besides, you can get the knowledge of modes and the way these are linked to all the major scale and the way these are used for. Thus with this level, you will be able to harmonize with sweet and simple melodies.

Level 3 - This module of the drum classes in Chennai and other locations covers all the fundamental aspects of instrument (drum) mastery. This includes proper hand, body and arm positioning, along with getting the western music theory, the knowledge of fingerboard and getting an edge over the right and left-hand technical exercises. Also, you get good on the rhythm exercises, ideas for soloing, more profound listening techniques to hone ensemble skills.

Foundation (Hobby) Drums - This is for people who are keen on learning music courses in OMR for drums for fun and leisure. These music classes are both for the kids and adults.

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