Electric Guitar

electric guitar
Electric Guitar
Evenings: 6pm to 9pm
Evenings: 6pm to 9pm
Evenings: 6pm to 9pm
Evenings: 6pm to 9pm

Description of Programme

Welcome to the world of Guitars at Strings Music Academy one of the known Music Classes in OMR. Here, you can grasp the essence required to start playing an electric guitar along with a broad range of musical instruments. Learning is simple and fun with us as you get natural approach to get you playing quickly. The electric guitar classes come with a blend of exploring the instrument, get the best performance technique and explore the theoretical music. For young and old students who have been waiting to choose the best electric guitar classes in Perungudi, you have landed at a right place.  Our course content will offer you simple access foundation, which will help you play the guitar with ease and professionalism.

At Strings Music Academy, we have an exciting approach, which is offered in stages. This makes this place an important location for Music courses in OMR. This helps in grasping the basics of the electric guitar and music. Our electric guitar courses in Chennai starts with parts of the instrument, the string names, tuning, techniques and helping to play with a finger and the pick the best. The electric guitar classes in OMR then explores the fundamentals of the music theory with contents like scales, power chords, triads, and fingering and shapes.

At the end of this eclectic guitar classes in Chennai, the students will be able to have a fair understanding of the structure, the technicalities about the parts and accessories of the instrument. Besides, you also get a decent idea about basic maintenance of the instrument. Also, you will learn the basic operation of the guitar and explore the basic options for amplification, sounds, and effect pedals. The students in our music courses in OMR are able to develop the right technique and thus apply all the learnt theoretical concepts to their playing. Thus they end up getting both the foundational and practical knowledge required to pursue the next level guitar courses.


Welcome to Strings Music Academy! Here we have a sample for our electric guitar course, have a look to get an idea of what you all would be taught in your music instrument classes:

  • Week 1 - Welcome to Introduction to Guitar: In this week, the students will be able to details about the course and things you need to know about playing the electric guitar and other basic things. In the first lesson, you would get the chance to explore electric guitar and the basics of the instrument.
  • Week 2 - Getting Started: Brush up your Fundamental Guitar Skills: In this week, we have lessons on tuning up the guitar along will starting up to play the instrument from the ground up!
  • Week 3 - The Twelve Half Steps and Basic Notation: In this week, you will learn the basic building blocks of music.
  • Week 4 - Scales: Construction and Fingerings: In this week we have lessons that help you will dig into scales.
  • Week 5 - Chords: Building Triads and Power Cords: In this week, you will use all the gained skills to get the foundation of harmony
  • Week 6 - Putting it All Your music Together - The Pentatonic Scale and Songs: In this week, you will you will be competent to sing songs of your choice with a great melody

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