Evenings: 5pm to 8pm
Evenings: 5pm to 8pm
Evenings: 5pm to 8pm
Evenings: 5pm to 8pm
Mornings: 9am to 1pm Evenings: 4pm to 6pm
Mornings: 9am to 1pm Evenings: 4pm to 6pm

Description of Programme

If you want to bring out your hidden musical talent out, Strings Music Academy is the right place for you to do so. You will get the best music classes in Chennai, OMR and Perungudi. You will get the best keyboard lessons, which will help you develop the best keyboard learning skills. With us, you get the trained teachers that will help you learn and pick the electronic keywords the best way. Our music classes in OMR for keyboard are meant both for the beginners and advanced learners for all the age groups and learning skill sets. Thus we have music classes for kids and music classes for adults for the keyboard in different time frames and flexibility. Thus we maintain an exceptional learning environment, which is designed to offer rewarding and rich musical experience for all our students.

At Strings Music Academy, we believe that students using their hands can play instruments (if they wish to). Through our Keyboard classes in OMR, lessons and the courses, we intend to offer our students the best musical learning experiences and earn good musical memories, which will be long-lasting. Thus, we give our students the best exposure to a wide range of musical and creative opportunities for training and getting an edge to develop great boldness. Similarly, we provide them with the exposure through our best training programs, recitals, workshops, concerts and even public performances. Through our competitive music education, we intend to offer the students with knowledge and skill development opportunities. Besides, we also aspire to inculcate the sense of success, pride and self-esteem.

When it comes to our keyboard classes in Perungudi, we have a diverse kind of musical programs or courses to offer our students. We have both the advanced and beginners level classes for students suiting their requirements. We have the best one of the best faculty for all our music classes in OMR, Chennai and Perungudi who is experienced and skilled to offer the students the best keyboard and other musical instrument learning experiences. They teach our students as per the student’s flexibility giving lessons at various levels. We, therefore, have summer crash courses for kids as well as we know there is free time for children with the summer vacation. This gives them enough opportunities for the kids to utilise their free time with productivity.

Here at Strings Music Academy, we assess the students through regular and periodic Internal Exams. This can be called as an integral part of our Keyboard Classes in OMR, Chennai and other places. Furthermore, we make sure also get trained to face even the International Exams. There are several global groups and accredited organisations, which have accreditation exams for which we help our students to prepare and even appear. We recommend having your own keyboard so that you can practice at home. With regular practice, you can have an edge over your keyboard skills. Come to join our best Keyboard classes in Chennai, OMR or Perungudi to make keyboard learning a fun experience. So, play your heart out with our competitive keyboard musical classes in Chennai and other places.

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