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SMA online classes

Learn music from the comfort of your home with our new and improved online classes!

SMA is keen on making professional music training available to people wherever they are. This has led us to introduce our online classes for Keyboard, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Flute, Drums & Carnatic Classical Vocals. Our personalised one-to-one classes allow you to pursue what you love (I.e. MUSIC) in a safe and comfortable surrounding.

Music for all

We know that the love for music has no boundaries. It shouldn't be confined to age. We have made our online classes available for all age groups (7years and above). No matter what level you are in, we start from the basics. Each student is different; we take a personalized approach for each student to bring out the best in them. Many of you would have started learning music but stopped midway, we can help you brush up the basis and meet you where you are.

Online Class Details

Each class will happen for 60 mins and each course would extend to a period of 6 months. The classes will be one-to-one with the most experienced trainers with world-class techniques at their disposal. Students can attend the classes using the Zoom app at their own convenient timing. Our suggestion would be to take up a demo class with us and decide your future with us based on your experience.

Your passion for music is what keeps us going. Join our online classes today and become a successful musician!