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Piano is the short form of pianoforte, which is an Italian word that has a division “piano” (soft) + “forte” (strong). The reason why it is named this way is due to the fact that the older keyboard instruments (harpsichord and the clavier) were unable to produce the varied volumes. The keyboard of pianos range over seven different octaves, and it has both the white and black keys with total 52 white keys and 36 black keys. The modern-day acoustic pianos are found in two basic designs – the grand piano and the upright piano. The modern acoustic pianos have two basic models – the grand piano and the upright piano. At Strings Music Academy, you can get the best Piano classes in Chennai and other places.

Our Piano classes in Chennai, OMR and Perungudi, courses, and programs will help you bring out your hidden musical talents. You will receive competitive Piano lessons from us, which will help you hone your piano learning skills. At Strings Music Academy, our experienced and trained piano teachers and faculty members will help you to learn and master piano playing the best way. Our Piano classes in OMR and Perungudi include music classes for adults and kids as well. In fact, we have the music classes in Perungudi for adults and kids with greater flexibility in timing, which in turn help in catching up them as per their time availability. We also have summer crash courses for kids which help the kids to utilize their time during the summer holidays.

At Strings Music Academy, we allow our students to get an edge over using their hands while they play the piano. Through our competitive Piano classes in Perungudi, we make our students enjoy incredible musical experiences and musical memories. These memories will help you last for a lifetime. We give our students the best music training and thus develop the apt boldness by making them exposed to a broad range of musical and creative opportunities. They will get the appropriate exposure through our effective training programs, workshops, concerts, recitals, and even our public performances. With our music education, we intend to give our students the apt knowledge and gain the required skill sets along with the development opportunities. We intend to promote the apt sense of self-esteem, along with the pride and success. This is the reason we maintain a very special learning environment, which is designed to offer a rewarding and rich musical experience for each student.

We have a wide range of piano classes in OMR, Chennai and Perugudi for our students suiting their requirements that range from the beginners to the advanced levels. Here our students get the best faculty of international recognition. We make sure that the instrument skills of our student progress in music and musicianship. Strings Music Academy intends to offer all our students an apparent and thorough understanding of the building blocks of music. So, are you willing the part of our music classes in OMR, Perungudi or Chennai, we have our presence in all these places?

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