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Saturday Evenings: 3:30pm to 4:30pm
Sunday Mornings: 11am to 12am

Description of Programme

The Veena is regarded as the queen of Indian musical instruments, which has a history that dates back to centuries. It has been even described in the season of the 'Vedas' that showcases 'the epitome of magnificence and flourishing of this string instrument'. Also, the instrument is known to have its mention in the "sutras" and 'arayankas', which happens to be the sacred books of the Vedic age. The Veena we see in the current location is a polyphonous instrument, which is created and designed by Govinda Dikshitar in the era of Raghunath Naik of Tanjore. Hence it has some other names as well, which include the Tanjore veena or the Saraswati Veena. At Strings Music Academy, you get the best Veena classes in Chennai, OMR and Perungudi.

The music of the Veena is a blend of several attributes of divinity, peace, sensuality, and gentleness. In the earlier times, Veena was employed as stringed instruments. The previous age Veena is believed to be seeker’s bow, and with the current advancements, it has developed into multi-stringed instrument and in lay man’s language is known as Santoor. At Strings Music Academy, we ensure that our Music classes in OMR and other places are offered with great conviction and passion making it an enthralling learning experience. We run music classes with diverse timelines that allow the students to adjust in our requirements.

Strings Music Academy offers effective music classes in Perungudi and other places from the best-known musicians and the top-rated Veena instructors who help you in learning to play the musical instrument. The compatible Veena playing instrumental music lessons are known to offer convenient and affordable learning experience with us. We have trained teachers and instructors who share their knowledge with the students to hone and develop good learning skills. With competent teachers, instructors, good infrastructure and greater flexibility in the music classes in Chennai and other places, Strings Music Academy offer the best learning experience for various instruments including Veena.

We have music classes for kids and adults for Veena and other instruments. That’s not all; we have special seasonal classes as well including the Summer Crash courses for kids, which are specially designed Veena classes in Chennai and other places like Perugundi and OMR. Flexibility is the key with us as it helps students from different class and clan to be the part of our group and learn the musical instruments as per their comfortable time zones. So, if you are a professional and want to explore music and get the best Veena classes, Springs Music Academy has the best solution for you.

We offer our students the best platform to perform live before the audience once they reach par level along with giving up the best of the musical learning experience that boost up their confidence level. In this way, their talents also get promoted, and they get the chance further to make their career stable in the music industry. So, if you have any requirement for learning Veena in Chennai or other places, you are at the right place. Feel free to join us!