Classical Guitar
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Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar
Wednesday Evenings: 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Friday Evenings: 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Saturday Afternoon:2pm to 3pm
Sunday Afternoon:2pm to 3pm

Classical Guitar

Classical music is always enchanting and so is this member of the guitar family. Classical guitar classes in Chennai at Strings Music Academy is a holistic program for students with different levels of knowledge. We teach from fundamentals to advanced techniques. The learning process is a step-by-step one where you eventually master the instrument. Right from holding the instrument to practising scales, chords, and intervals, our ultimate goal is to sharpen your technical skills from the start.

The approach

Classical guitar is a way you can express your raw self. It is a pure craft and we provide top-class guitar training with comprehensive guidance. With vast theoretical knowledge, you'll be able to play scales, learn new rhythms, and build a solid technical foundation. There are broad topics of musical repertoire, a part of our curriculum that will be taught to you once you reach higher levels in your journey.

Online music classes for Guitar

Excited about learning classical guitar but can't find the time to? We are here to bring your lifelong dreams, come true! Strings Music Academy is taking online classical guitar classes just for you, all at a timing that is convenient for you.