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Ukulele can have a huge impact on you as a person since it's a very personal instrument. It's easy to learn and you can acquire unique uke skills really quickly. Playing the ukulele helps you to connect with people in a really different way and put a smile on the face of others. Strings Music Academy is changing the world one ukulele at a time. We start by getting you acquainted with the instrument and teaching you to play simple 3-chord music. As the course progresses, you'll be able to reach a point where you can write your own music using the uke.

What will you learn with us?

  • The best posture to play the uke.
  • How to play different chords.
  • How to tune the ukulele.
  • How to get into tune.
  • Learn to play songs.
  • Gradually improvise and compose tunes.

Connect with yourself, learn the extraordinary instrument online with our online music classes Chennai. Enroll now and become a master class uke player.