Why us ?
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Why us?

Discover the musician in you!

Strings Music Academy offers music classes in Chennai, we have been imparting traditional music with a touch of the future in it. The musical journey is lifelong and so is our students' journey with us. We want to create musicians whose music will move people and leave a mark in this world.

The power of innovation

We believe in musical innovation! Music is never stagnant and so are we. With the evolution of music and the inclusion of technology into it, it has become our prerogative to include emerging musical tech into our curriculum.

A different approach for every student

We value every student and consider him or her different from the other. Our goal is to help them pinpoint that individuality and shape it. Our music classes for adults and kids vary in the method of teaching. Talent exists everywhere, with the right mentorship at Strings Music Academy you'll find yours!

To emerge as a leader in the music industry

With a little nudge at the perfect time, you can become a musical genius. We not only believe in teaching music but also in inspiring you to pursue music as a career and find your direction in it.

Music that makes a difference

We want to give back to the community and show that we are all united through music. Music can turn mountain-sized problems into dust! We use music to encourage and inspire change in society.

Prepare to take the next step in your musical journey. Find out more and take up our music classes in Chennai!