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Tuesday Evenings: 6pm to 9pm
Thursday Evenings: 6pm to 9pm
Saturday Morning:10am to 1pm
Sunday Morning:10am to 1pm

Description of Programme

Become a storyteller and become one with your story! The soul-wrenching music that flows when the strings of a violin are stretched can never be turned from. Strings Music Academy takes you to a different time and age with our Violin classes in Chennai. We teach both Carnatic and western playing styles, though both might be similar it slightly differs in techniques. The bow should become an extension of your mind and it should take you to tranquility; we help you attain that stage.

What will you learn?

We'll always start from the beginning and advance with time. You'll learn techniques such as position & setup, scales, vibrato, bowing exercises, shifting, reading alphabet notes, and more. We'll then help to improve your skills and advance to different levels in your violin pursuit. Ultimately, you'll be able to play songs or music pieces by the end of the training program.

Strings Music Academy offers Skype music classes now! You can express your passion for the violin with our Online music classes for Violin.