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Wednesday Mornings: 9am to 10am
Thursday Evenings: 8pm to 9pm
Saturday Afternoon: 1pm to 3pm
Sunday Afternoon: 1pm to 3pm


Empty holes that create magical music!

The flute is a beautiful ancient instrument that draws its power from the soul. Become a flutist in no time with the help of Strings Music Academy's flute classes in Chennai. Our course is for first-timers and intermediates who have a deep love for the instrument. We share our expertise with students of all levels and focus on them becoming an independent flutist. From flute repertoire, improving technique and tone production, we focus on the techniques you need to become a stage performer as a soloist and as a part of a band.

What do you learn at SMA's flute classes in Chennai?

  • How you hold the flute and practice your breathing techniques.
  • Play major scales and different alankaraas.
  • Play along with other classical and western instruments.
  • Rhythming to different beats patterns of the percussions.
  • Basic flute theory and advanced practice experience.

Develop your flute playing skills right from home with our online music classes for Flute! Join now.