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Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy

-- Beethoven


The piano is a renaissance instrument that is timeless! Having been played by legendary musicians like Chopin, Beethoven, and Mozart, it goes beyond period. Learn piano from the basics at our Strings Music Academy's piano classes in Chennai and explore the entire range of the instrument. The heart of our piano classes is to pay attention to each and every student. We teach both rock and classical piano music to our students whose interests lie in different areas. At Strings Music Academy, we encourage young parents to join their children in piano classes as training at an early age can help them develop creativity. But we don't have any age restrictions for any of our classes. Music should be available to all and so we have adults joining in as well.

Piano at Strings Music Academy

With our piano classes in Chennai, you will learn the most fundamental theories required to comprehend the construction of chords and scales, and how to improvise playing the piano. We will also help you to apply the techniques that you've learned to any song or genre. Piano solos are a symbol of pride and we encourage our students to take up piano solo with a special sense of wonder. By helping you understand how chords work, we will make you into a professional pianist who can play in front of a huge crowd.

Learn the age-old art, online now! Join our online music classes for piano and master your skills.